Sammy Says. . . "Your Horse will Love it Here!"


"We get the very best care. . . we all get our daily turnout and stall cleaned.  When in the barn, we get to hang our heads out into the aisle so we can keep up with the activity, too.  Our food is top notch and yummy. . . even for those picky eaters!  We always have plenty of fresh water and lots of grade A locally grown hay!" Sam continues, "And the rubber footing is so soft on our feet. . . even for those of us who have sore feet and older legs - we're gellin!"

South Wind Stable & Equestrian Center offers every boarder's horse:

  • Daily stall cleaning, with clean straw bedding added on a daily basis
    • Blanketing/Boots as needed
  • Daily Turnout ~ special needs are accommodated
    • Four large turnout pastures and two paddocks
  • 2 X Daily Grain ~ based on your horse's requirements
    • No limit with a choice of pellets, oats, corn, sweet feed, beet pulp
  • 3 X Daily Hay ~ based on your horse's requirements, no limit
    • Addition of supplements or other feed alternatives as provided by boarder  
  • Clean Fresh Water always available, replenished as needed daily
  • Farrier & Veterinary Services ~
    • Boarders can arrange through SOUTH WIND STABLE, or schedule with Farrier/Vet of choice
  • Indoor and Outdoor rings have rubber footing           


   Use of all facilities available 7AM - 9PM on daily basis, special arrangements accommodated.


Please contact SOUTH WIND Stable & Equestrian Center at (607) 724-1003 for more information about our Lesson Programs, Boarding Services, or current Leasing/Sale opportunities.   

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