BINGHAMTON UNIVERSITY English Horsemanship classes are held each semester at SOUTH WIND Stable & Equestrian Center.  A Binghamton University tradition since 1984!

2015 Horsemanship I Students!

Are you a Student interested in Riding?

Students Register Today! Horsemanship classes offered through the Binghamton University Outdoor Pursuits Program held at South Wind Stables! Classes held weekly! Transportation provided to and from South Wind to the University. Pick Up location is the parking lot outside the Fine Arts Building, Facing the Couper Administration Building. The vehicle is a dark blue Chevrolet Traverse.  

$385 per semester


2015 Horsemanship Summer Program 

Open to summer students who have taken CEO 130 or 131

Students must have transportation to and from the stable.

School registration not required - no credit given

Summer Term I –

Five weeks:  Tuesday, May 29 – Friday, June 29                       Class Fee $175.

Summer Term II –

Five weeks:  Tuesday, July 9 – Friday, August 10                     Class Fee $175.

Full Program Discount - Sign up for both sessions and save                                      $275.  

Ten weeks: Tuesday, May 29 – Friday, August 10

Call the Stable for class times: (607) 724-1003



What is Horsemanship?

Extensive knowledge in all aspects of the horse. A person is said to have horsemanship if he/she is one who displays the ability to “read a horse,” while being able to interpret the horse's needs and understands the horse's body language. The ability to catch, halter, lead, and move a horse around, as well as safely moving, in close proximity, to a horse on the ground. Proper horsemanship insures the safety and prevents injuries to the horse, handler or others standing nearby.


Our trail ride is a traditional highlight of the semester!

Accredited English Horsemanship classes are offered for Binghamton University students.  As a part of the Binghamton University Outdoor Pursuits program, South Wind Stable has designed the Horsemanship courses to give each student ample one-to-one time with our school horses.  While it’s important to stress safety in all aspects of our program, we have also taken every measure to make our program fun for the students that join us.  



English Horsemanship I Students can expect to learn: Understanding the Horse; Horse behavior and body language; Grooming the horse; Stable safety basics; Leading and working safely around horse; Parts of the halter, bridle and saddle; Tacking up the horse and adjusting the girth; Riding Basics (for those participating in the riding portion); Mounting and dismounting; Leading another rider; Steering at the walk. . . and by the end of the semester - trot!


  Binghamton University- Outdoor Pursuits Horsemanship Classes link


For more information, contact:

Roni McAbee at South Wind Stable (607) 724-1003

Teresa (Birdie) High, Binghamton University Outdoor Pursuits Program Director (607) 777-4982    

Please contact SOUTH WIND Stable & Equestrian Center at (607) 724-1003 or (607) 760-9124 for more information about our Lesson Programs, Boarding Services, or current Leasing/Sale opportunities. 

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